19th and 20th Century European works – part 1


Georges Braque “Birds”
Georges Braque “Notebook Study”
Georges Braque “Woman Sitting”
Bernard Buffet “Matador”
Paul Cezanne “Nude”
Paul Cezanne “Portrait d’Achille Emperaire”
Paul Cezanne “View of French Town”
Marc Chagall “Acrobat”
Marc Chagall “Blue Face”
Marc Chagall “Dog and Wolf”
Marc Chagall “Mother and Child”
Marc Chagall “Nude Figure with Lithograph”
Marc Chagall “Still Life”
Jean-Baptiste Corot “Landscape”
Jean-Baptiste Corot “Saures Peupilers”
Salvador Dali “Female Head”
Honore Daumier “Head of Woman”
Honore Daumier “Man on Chair”
Honore Daumier “Man with Cane”
Honore Daumier “Man with Top Hat”
Honore Daumier “Old Man with Pipe”
Honore Daumier “Two Lawyers”
Jacque-Louis David “Napoleon Soldiers”
Willem de Kooning “Woman Nude”
Edgar Degas “Ballerina”
Edgar Degas “Dance Master”
Edgar Degas “Nude”
Francisco de Goya “Grotesque Figure 1″
Francisco de Goya “Figure w/Sword”
Francisco de Goya “Woman w/Jars”
Eugene Delacroix “Andalusia 1″
Eugene Delacroix “Andalusia 2″
Eugene Delacroix “Moroccan Scene 1″
Eugene Delacroix “Moroccan Scene 2″
Tamara de Lempicka “Nude Woman”
Tamara de Lempicka “Nude Woman Sitting”
Maurice de Vlaminck “Landscape Red Trees”
Maurice de Vlaminck “Portrait of Derain”
Maurice de Vlaminck ”Village”
Raoul Dufy “Ascot Track (14)”
Raoul Dufy “Gladioli”
Raoul Dufy “His Mother”
Raoul Dufy “M. Dufy”
Raoul Dufy “Man with Cello”
Raoul Dufy “Paysage Decolluio’ure”
Raoul Dufy “Red Violin”
Raoul Dufy “Three Easels”
Raoul Dufy “Trouville 1″
Raoul Dufy “Trouville 2″
Raoul Dufy “Young Girl”
Lyonel Charles Feininger “Woman and Dog”
Paul Gauguin “Lady Napping”
Paul Gauguin “Madame Ginoux”
Paul Gauguin “Martinique”
Paul Gauguin “Noa Man Sitting”
Paul Gauguin “Noa Noa Figure (10)”
Paul Gauguin “Noa Statue”
Paul Gauguin “Noa Village Scene”
Paul Gauguin “Self Portrait”
Paul Gauguin “Tahitian Madonna”
Paul Gauguin “Tahitian Woman”
Paul Gauguin “Two Figures, Rabbits, Tree”
Paul Gauguin “Three Heads”
Alberto Giacometti “Sitting Woman”
Sir James Guthrie “Castle”
Johan Barthold Jongkind “Antwerp”
Ernst L. Kirchner “Woman on Man’s Lap”
Ernst L. Kirchner “Wood Block”
Paul Klee “Figure with Crown”
Paul Klee “Three Figures with Angel”
Gustav Klimt “Nude (green)”
Gustav Klimt “Nude (red)”
Gustav Klimt “Woman with Flowers”
Roy Lichtenstein “Iris Theme”
Norman Lindsay “Nude Woman”
Berthold Loffler “Head of a Woman”
George Luks “Man on Horseback”
René François Ghislain Magritte “Cubist Figure”
René François Ghislain Magritte “Nude”
René François Ghislain Magritte “Woman”
Giacomo Manzu “Male Nude”
Giacomo Manzu “Nude Front”
Marino Marini “Man on Horse”
Albert Marquet “Sitting Woman”
Henri Matisse “Boy with Violin”
Henri Matisse “Cabaret Performer”
Henri Matisse “Jeune Anglaise”
Henri Matisse “M. Matisse Green Line”

DRAWINGS & STUDIES (continued):

Henri Matisse “Nude Sitting”
Henri Matisse “Nude Standing”
Henri Matisse “Nude Torso”
Henri Matisse “Odalesque Flowered”
Henri Matisse “Portrait of a Man”
Henri Matisse “Rochers Landscape”
Henri Matisse “Woman Bust”
Henri Matisse “Woman w/green, yellow, blue”
Joan Miró “Abstract”
Joan Miró “Self Portrait”
Claude Monet “Rouen Cathedral”
Claude Monet “Rue de l’Épicerie, Rouen”
Henry Moore “Figures”
Henry Moore “Rock Sculpture”
Francis Louis Mora “Young Girl”
Berthe Morisot “Girl with Duck”
Edvard Munch “Ann Mohr”
Edvard Munch “Girl with Blue Hat”
Edvard Munch “Nude Woman”
Edvard Munch “Scream”
Edvard Munch “Town and Cathedral”
Jose Clemente Orosco “Zapatas”
Pablo Picasso “Abstract Jazz Musician”
Pablo Picasso “Artist with Hat”
Pablo Picasso “Building Study”
Pablo Picasso “Cubist Abstract”
Pablo Picasso “Dove”
Pablo Picasso “Fighting Bulls (29)”
Pablo Picasso “Jacqueline – Head”
Pablo Picasso “Side View Mother’s Head”
Pablo Picasso “Girl In Yellow w/Green Hair”
Pablo Picasso “Granite Etching Horse”
Pablo Picasso “Man and Woman”
Pablo Picasso “Masonic Theme”
Pablo Picasso “Portrait of Olga”
Pablo Picasso “Woman Figures”
Pablo Picasso “Woman with Clown”
Pablo Picasso “Woodblock Abstract”
Camille Pissarro “Back of a Woman”
Camille Pissarro “Blanche Lafitte”
Camille Pissarro “M. Laclerc”
Camille Pissarro “M. Lavalle”
Camille Pissarro “Portrait of Gauguin”
Odilon Redon “Anemones”
Olidon Redon “Flowers”
Stanislav Rembski “Angel”
Henri Renoir “Two Women Standing”
Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Two Women”
Paul Riba “Bird”
Alfero Sequieros “Nude Woman”
Alfred Sisley “Louveciennes”
Alfred Sisley “Mills of Moret”
Alfred Sisley “Port Marley”
Maurice Stern “Nude Woman”
Bezooay Tadesse “African Woman”
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec “Footit”
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec “Goule and Valentine”
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec “Le Cirque” (39 lithos)
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec “Mlle. Cocyte”
Kees van Dongen “Femme”
Vincent Van Gogh “Farm Planting”
Vincent Van Gogh “Peasant Woman”
Vincent Van Gogh “Planter (man)”
Vincent Van Gogh “Standing Woman”
Vincent Van Gogh “Study of Hands”
Vincent Van Gogh “Woman by Window”
Marcel Vertes “Le Cirque”
Marcel Vertes “Two Women”
J.A.M. Whistler “Russian Soldiers”


J.M.W. Turner “Farm Scene”
J.M.W. Turner “Fisherman”


Edgar Degas “Ballerina” (Épaulé)
Edgar Degas “Ballerina” (Effacé)
Edgar Degas “Egyptian Cat”
Edgar Degas “Walking Horse”
“Maltese Falcon”
Henri Matisse “Cat Vase”
Henry Moore “Mother and Child”
Enrico Salutori “David”
Janet Scudder “Harlequin”
Peter J. Urban “Recumbent Female Knees”